Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Well I have a bit of extra time today, and too much to share with you all, so you get TWO posts today - Gasp!

As you may know, Little Miss is a huge talker. She doesn't get that from anywhere strange... just ask my mom and dad. I don't think I ever shut my mouth once I learned to talk. My first grade teacher used to give me the chatter hand (put your hand out like you're holding a puppet... make the puppet talk = chatter hand) when she wanted me to stop talking. It was her way of saying "Chrissy, you're talking AGAIN"

But I digress....

We've been trying to teach words that she can pronounce.
(Note to all parents of new talkers: FOX is Not a recommended early word).

So a few weeks ago we managed to get her to say Bekah (Beck-A)
This week, the full name!!

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Happy Ho Ho

So we've done the unspeakable that every parent does.

We coerced our child into sitting on Santa's knee.

I was a little nervous after the first child in line was screaming bloody murder... but noooooo, my child would never do that.... haha.. who am I kidding??

So while daddy waited in line, we cruised the mall once or twice or ten times, trying to get a GOOD picture of little Miss.... you know, one where she is looking at the camera and maybe, just maybe, even smiling.

I finally settled on this one
I mean, she is almost sitting still, and she is looking at the camera. I guess we will continue to work on the smiling bit. Or maybe I need to click faster, or maybe if she would stop talking long enough ... but she comes by that honestly... sigh.
After she'd had enough of wandering the mall we finally had our chance to go and sit on Santa's knee.

I had tried to give her a pep talk so she wouldn't freak out.

Part of the pep talk included "if you're good, Santa will give you Candy"

I think Santa is hanging onto his beard, just in case.
They chatted for a minute...

Then my "knows what she wants" Little Miss, decided she was done.

So she squirmed, and she wrigged and she fussed a bit, all in the name of trying to get free of this stranger. Odd how we teach kids to stay away and not talk to strangers, yet we put them on their knee and say "if you're good, he'll give you Candy"

Which is what we tried next....

As you can see... it wasn't enough to convince her to stay

So we let her enjoy her candy cane a bit while we waited for the pictures.
First attempt at candy cane wasn't so bad. She sucked for a bit, took a couple bites, then spit out the chunks that were in her mouth, claiming they were "fuff" (fluff)
Oh well!! More for Mommy!

We then did what we've wanted to do for the past two years...

We got one of the really cool mall Car stroller thingys and drove around like maniacs...
Or we drove nice and safely through the busy mall picking out a few gifts until she was
"Aww Done"

Maybe by next year we'll have taught her to Smile on Command and she won't be so wary of strangers...

Although that's not a bad thing.

Maybe kicking and screaming isn't so bad after all

Maybe having a shy little girl who knows what she wants when she wants isn't so bad after all

Monday, December 14, 2009

Siblings... or something like that

When Rebekah was 6 months old, she learned to crawl. I always figured she was trying to torture the dog. My theory is that kids with pets must crawl sooner as they are doing what their "Sibling" is doing.

Maybe I'm wrong.
But Rebekah continues to treat Phoebe like her sibling.
She loves to play with Phoebe

She loves to take the toys from Phoebe so she can "frow" them for Phoebe to fetch.

Problem is, Phoebe doesn't like to give up her Squirrel quite so willingly....

and a game of tug of war generally ensues...
Eventually Rebekah gives up and leaves Phoebe alone..

Where she clearly sleeps with one eye open... just in case!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Moe Book

I don't know how many times a day I hear "mommy, moe book". Sigh. I brought this on myself. I love to read, I think I always have. Therefore, Rebekah owns a lot of books already. I've tried o keep most of them to Board books so they are more durable, but she does have a favourite or two that are paperback. I just hope they last!

Every morning she wants to come downstairs and will go get her books off of her shelves and request to be read to. Every afternoon when we get home, she typically wants to watch Elmo, but once that is done, she wants "moe book".

She will convince almost anyone to read to her. My dad was visiting a few weeks back and he could not escape the pleas of "opa, read".

They are reading the Cheerios Animal Playbook. So much fun, and I have to thank Crystal for introducing us to the series. I think we own them all now!!

We also have our favourite books, and the ones we are getting sick of too! I have instituted  new rules when mommy reads books. First, if you pick a book, I finish reading it before you pick another book. Second, if you want a story "again" you have to pick a different book to read before I will read said book "again". This is helping me to keep my sanity!

Some days she wants to read, but then finds other things more interesting. We can typically finish the following book no matter what though!!

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Reality Check

I really don't like Reality Checks. I don't like change that much.
I don't like realizing that I'm ONLY human. I really don't have control, nor can I be in control.

I've been doing a lot of reading lately that has been humbling to me. Those that have had situations in their lives way worse than my own, yet have found ways to glorify God. Angie and Marsha have been so inspiring to me, but when little things around me start to crumble, so do I.

My life right now is as perfect as it can be. I have nothing to complain about, yet I've recently received news about my JOB (of all things) that could change the perfection. It's just a job. I like to think of it as my first career. It's not ending, it's just changing. Possibly. But I really don't like change that I don't get to choose.
The worst part in my mind, is that my job and so many others is in the hands of other people. I don't have a say or a choice in the matter. Now I realize that in life, I really don't have a say or a choice. God has chosen my path for me, but so often, His plan and my plan seem to mesh quite nicely. He's allowed for us to have a beautiful healthy child. For us to remain healthy and employed. For us the be spoiled. Yes I admit it. I'm spoiled, even as an adult. I have toys I don't need, so does my child. We have a freezer and fridge full of food. We have a fireplace AND a furnace to keep us warm. We've chosen this path.

And yet, when I'm told that in 9 months, I may have to change the location of my job (thats it people, the location), I crumble. I worry about myself. I don't want to do it. I don't want things to change. But, I may end up doing it, as much as I don't want to do it. Maybe that is what God wants me to do. Maybe I need that commute to find Him again, to reestablish that close relationship we once had. Maybe I just needed the announcement that this could happen, to make me realize that I'm not the one in control. He is in control.

My biggest concern about the possible impending changes is that I would not get to spend as much time with Rebekah. This hurts more than I can put into words. I want to spend Every moment I can with her, not less time because I'm commuting. But maybe, maybe this change is so that her and her dad can spend more time bonding together. Maybe God is trying to teach me more about sacrifice. Time as a sacrifice.

I won't know many details for at least another 6 months, but this will give me 6 months to wrap my mind around changes, spend as much time with Rebekah as I can, and work on my relationship with God. Please pray that His will is done in this matter, and that I can appreciate the new challenges it will pose, instead of focus on the negatives. Pray for me that I will strive harder towards strengthening my relationship with God. I miss the Me I used to be, and I think that my distance has a lot to do with it.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ketchup anyone?

Ok, so she comes by it honestly so I hear.
My daughter LOVES to eat Ketchup.
Squirt some on her plate, give her a spoon, and watch her dig in.

Honestly? I don't understand it. I eat it on one or two things, but this kid loves her "dip dip"

Is that pure enjoyment, or smugness that we gave in and gave her more?
We typically make her dip some food into the Ketchup first, but every now and then when we look away, we turn back to spoonfuls of the stuff being shovelled in.

And it's not a rare occasion.

It happens almost every meal that "dip dip" can be incorporated.

On to other news. James thinks it's time to cut Rebekah's hair as it is getting "messy". What do you think? I'm still hesitant. She's just so little, but so big at the same time. My little girl is growing up so fast!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Santa Claus is Coming to Town... Already!

Wow, Can you believe that it is getting closer and closer to Christmas everyday? This weekend was the Kanata Santa Claus Parade, and we just had to go and check it out! Luckily we have a few friends who live along the parade route, one whose daughter is two months older than Rebekah, and they are good friends. They haven't had much chance to play together this year, so it was so great for them (and us moms) to catch up! We realized just how well the girls play together and really hope to do it again soon!

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Waiting for the Parade to start. The Hat lasted about 2 minutes!!

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Golden Resuce Dogs that Came over for some Lovin.

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Not Overly Impressed or sure what to do, but look at all the Candy in her Pockets!

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Santa Arrived on a Firetruck!!

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It's HoHo!!!

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Heather and A. with the bubbles of the TruckSleigh

After the parade was over we were going to head to the park (after visiting some other old neighbours) but it started to rain. Instead, we went inside and the girls got to play, and teach each other some new tricks!

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Peekaboo around the corner of the wall

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Two little Monkeys Jumping on the bed...

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And falling down into fits of giggles!

And what better way to end a great morning, then with lunch and Snowman cookies with good friends!

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Horseback Riding

This video was meant to be posted on an earlier animal posting, but I couldn't get it to upload. Thanks to Dropshots, I can upload videos easier now!

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Driving Lesson

When we went apple picking earlier this fall, Rebekah received her first driving lesson. She's learning how to steer in a straight line, as well as make car noises.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Past and Present Halloweens

Since we've only had 2 halloweens this is easy enough to do!

Bayshore Mall sets up a great stand and takes pictures for FREE. A great 8x10 of your child in costume. If you know me, especially since becoming a mom, I will do almost anything for a good deal, so we lined up again this year!

Last year almost any picture of Rebekah had her little tongue sticking out. Halloween was no different. My little Devil was her devilish self!

This year the photographer (Scobby-Doo) took more than one shot, and made an effort to make the kids smile! Thank you so much for that!

I can't believe she is almost 2. Sigh. Time flies too fast. My little girl is getting so big!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Random funny

Rebekah went to the cupboard last night and pulled out a bag of pop-pop (popcorn) from the box of leftover halloween bags. James told her it had to cook, so she put it in the microwave in her little kitchen. I wonder if it's still there....

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Halloween Morning dawned grey and dreary. I really hoped that the whole day wouldn't turn out that way, and luckily, it didn't!

Barb, Christina and Logan joined us this year for Halloween, so our first task of the day was to gut and decorate some pumpkins!

The Kids enjoyed watching while us moms did the gutting of their pumpkins. They didn't need to be gutted, but we wanted the seeds to roast (and I will use the pumpkin later anyways!)
After all the hard work was done, we let the kids help to decorate their own pumpkins.

James finished his pumpkin while the kids slept, as he works best with Power tools when dealing with Pumpkins.

The Finish Pumpkin Products.
(Sorry the witch is blurry, I find it hard to take pictures without a flash!)

After naptime we all ventured to a local mall that does portraits of the kiddies in costume. They have a great set up and the pictures are for FREE! Thank you to Bayshore mall and Blacks Photography! They do a great job every year!

We got all costumed up and ready to go, but mom had to take a picture of her unicorn first!
Then it was off for Store to Store Trick or Treating.
Unfortunately, there weren't too many treats to be had. I guess you have to be pretty early. The kids had fun though. Logan was able to say Trick or Treat, and Rebekah had Almost mastered Treat Please "Teat Pease". Most often is was just "Pease" and it sufficed!

While waiting our turn for our pictures, we learned all about the escalator! I think Rebekah thought it was a slide at first. Eventually she just kept asking to go again and again!

Once it was our turn, the kids each got to sit on the hay bales and have scooby-doo take their picture.
This is one I shot of Logan while Scooby tried to get him to smile. Scooby got a better shot, but this is all I have.

For Rebekah's picture, you will have to tune in! I still have to scan it in.

On the way home, we decided to let the kids share an Aero bar. They each got a half (of a halloween sized bar). Rebekah loved hers, as evidenced by all the chocolate all over her face!

We later realized what chocolate does to such a little body. She was running around the house until supper time!
Note to self: Limit child's chocolate consumption