Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Halloween Morning dawned grey and dreary. I really hoped that the whole day wouldn't turn out that way, and luckily, it didn't!

Barb, Christina and Logan joined us this year for Halloween, so our first task of the day was to gut and decorate some pumpkins!

The Kids enjoyed watching while us moms did the gutting of their pumpkins. They didn't need to be gutted, but we wanted the seeds to roast (and I will use the pumpkin later anyways!)
After all the hard work was done, we let the kids help to decorate their own pumpkins.

James finished his pumpkin while the kids slept, as he works best with Power tools when dealing with Pumpkins.

The Finish Pumpkin Products.
(Sorry the witch is blurry, I find it hard to take pictures without a flash!)

After naptime we all ventured to a local mall that does portraits of the kiddies in costume. They have a great set up and the pictures are for FREE! Thank you to Bayshore mall and Blacks Photography! They do a great job every year!

We got all costumed up and ready to go, but mom had to take a picture of her unicorn first!
Then it was off for Store to Store Trick or Treating.
Unfortunately, there weren't too many treats to be had. I guess you have to be pretty early. The kids had fun though. Logan was able to say Trick or Treat, and Rebekah had Almost mastered Treat Please "Teat Pease". Most often is was just "Pease" and it sufficed!

While waiting our turn for our pictures, we learned all about the escalator! I think Rebekah thought it was a slide at first. Eventually she just kept asking to go again and again!

Once it was our turn, the kids each got to sit on the hay bales and have scooby-doo take their picture.
This is one I shot of Logan while Scooby tried to get him to smile. Scooby got a better shot, but this is all I have.

For Rebekah's picture, you will have to tune in! I still have to scan it in.

On the way home, we decided to let the kids share an Aero bar. They each got a half (of a halloween sized bar). Rebekah loved hers, as evidenced by all the chocolate all over her face!

We later realized what chocolate does to such a little body. She was running around the house until supper time!
Note to self: Limit child's chocolate consumption

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