Tuesday, September 8, 2009


This long weekend we spent a lot of time playing. We have recently discovered "blocks" aka - megablocks. They are in a separate drawer in their own bucket and Rebekah can't quite reach them on her own yet, so she will open the drawer and ask for "bok".

After a rough morning of not listening very well (we've had a few days of it but I think the weekend was the culmination) we came head to head over these silly "boks".

Rebekah had taken her blocks out and dumped them ALL OVER the family room, then decided she wanted to play with something else. I asked her to please pick up her blocks but she answered back with a very determined NO. I asked a few more times then gave up in frustration to tend to my fur baby instead. Phoebe needed a walk. I told Rebekah that I expected the blocks to be picked up when we got home..... and they weren't. So a time out on the stairs, hugs, kisses and finally a bit of tidying together, we got the blocks put away and were able to play with all our other toys.

Later that night, she pulls the block out again and I think "here we go again". The result was the following video. I would stack all the blocks in colours and we practiced our colours (she knows GEEN the best), then she would pull them all apart one tower at a time, and put them all away. I think we did this for at least 20 minutes!

In the video she is pulling apart previously assembled towers and putting the blocks away one at a time. She won't put two back in the box, they have to be singles! Sorry about the light, it's dark in our family room, and the angle too, I'm laying on the floor with her to start!

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Right, anytime she sees a camera now, she says CHEESE! Absolutely hilarious! Gosh I love this kid! Even with all the frustrating moments, I still laugh until there are tears in my eyes at least once a day, tear up with the impulsiveness of her hugs and kisses, an smile knowing that she is the strong, smart, brave little girl that she is.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


When we were visiting in Trenton Rebekah had her first co-ed bath with her older cousin Logan. He is a ham too and loves to say CHEESE when he sees a camera!

They had a great time filling each others cups, and Logan was loving dumping water over Rebekah's head. She really loves the water so it didn't phase her at all.

Logan wasn't too sure about water in his own face (we had a couple freakouts) but he finally got his own face wet and didn't cry at all! What a big boy!!