Friday, December 11, 2009

Moe Book

I don't know how many times a day I hear "mommy, moe book". Sigh. I brought this on myself. I love to read, I think I always have. Therefore, Rebekah owns a lot of books already. I've tried o keep most of them to Board books so they are more durable, but she does have a favourite or two that are paperback. I just hope they last!

Every morning she wants to come downstairs and will go get her books off of her shelves and request to be read to. Every afternoon when we get home, she typically wants to watch Elmo, but once that is done, she wants "moe book".

She will convince almost anyone to read to her. My dad was visiting a few weeks back and he could not escape the pleas of "opa, read".

They are reading the Cheerios Animal Playbook. So much fun, and I have to thank Crystal for introducing us to the series. I think we own them all now!!

We also have our favourite books, and the ones we are getting sick of too! I have instituted  new rules when mommy reads books. First, if you pick a book, I finish reading it before you pick another book. Second, if you want a story "again" you have to pick a different book to read before I will read said book "again". This is helping me to keep my sanity!

Some days she wants to read, but then finds other things more interesting. We can typically finish the following book no matter what though!!

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1 comment:

  1. Why hello there Christine!

    Just thought I'd swing on over from PBD's blog to personally thank you for you vote today. Imagine my surprise when I discovered not only do you have a super duper adorable little lady of your own but you live about 25 minutes from me! How cool!

    Miss Rebekah seems to love books as much as I do judging by the super cute video, my favorites definitely involve books with animals or babies or both. :)

    Happy Holidays and thanks again!