Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Ho Ho

So we've done the unspeakable that every parent does.

We coerced our child into sitting on Santa's knee.

I was a little nervous after the first child in line was screaming bloody murder... but noooooo, my child would never do that.... haha.. who am I kidding??

So while daddy waited in line, we cruised the mall once or twice or ten times, trying to get a GOOD picture of little Miss.... you know, one where she is looking at the camera and maybe, just maybe, even smiling.

I finally settled on this one
I mean, she is almost sitting still, and she is looking at the camera. I guess we will continue to work on the smiling bit. Or maybe I need to click faster, or maybe if she would stop talking long enough ... but she comes by that honestly... sigh.
After she'd had enough of wandering the mall we finally had our chance to go and sit on Santa's knee.

I had tried to give her a pep talk so she wouldn't freak out.

Part of the pep talk included "if you're good, Santa will give you Candy"

I think Santa is hanging onto his beard, just in case.
They chatted for a minute...

Then my "knows what she wants" Little Miss, decided she was done.

So she squirmed, and she wrigged and she fussed a bit, all in the name of trying to get free of this stranger. Odd how we teach kids to stay away and not talk to strangers, yet we put them on their knee and say "if you're good, he'll give you Candy"

Which is what we tried next....

As you can see... it wasn't enough to convince her to stay

So we let her enjoy her candy cane a bit while we waited for the pictures.
First attempt at candy cane wasn't so bad. She sucked for a bit, took a couple bites, then spit out the chunks that were in her mouth, claiming they were "fuff" (fluff)
Oh well!! More for Mommy!

We then did what we've wanted to do for the past two years...

We got one of the really cool mall Car stroller thingys and drove around like maniacs...
Or we drove nice and safely through the busy mall picking out a few gifts until she was
"Aww Done"

Maybe by next year we'll have taught her to Smile on Command and she won't be so wary of strangers...

Although that's not a bad thing.

Maybe kicking and screaming isn't so bad after all

Maybe having a shy little girl who knows what she wants when she wants isn't so bad after all

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  1. Grammie J here!!

    Hey you know my thoughts on the whole santa thing - - As far as I'm concerned he's not a part of Christmas anyway! I'd rather you got a picture of Pheobe on Santa's knee - - that's more like it!!