Monday, December 14, 2009

Siblings... or something like that

When Rebekah was 6 months old, she learned to crawl. I always figured she was trying to torture the dog. My theory is that kids with pets must crawl sooner as they are doing what their "Sibling" is doing.

Maybe I'm wrong.
But Rebekah continues to treat Phoebe like her sibling.
She loves to play with Phoebe

She loves to take the toys from Phoebe so she can "frow" them for Phoebe to fetch.

Problem is, Phoebe doesn't like to give up her Squirrel quite so willingly....

and a game of tug of war generally ensues...
Eventually Rebekah gives up and leaves Phoebe alone..

Where she clearly sleeps with one eye open... just in case!

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