Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cleaning Up!

We built a fence this summer and ended up with a bunch of leftover wood.
After all was said and done, our garage was full of wood scraps and boards that weren't good enough in some spots for the fence.
At the same time, without us even realizing it, our family room was being overrun by toys.
Enter a great idea.
Lets use the scraps and not good enough boards to clean up the toys.
"Hunny, can you build me some toy storage?"
At this point, James isn't thinking Chrissy had such a good idea, but he helps to plan a layout for said storage shelf anyways!
Chrissy goes off to Ikea and buys a bunch of Trofast bins and suggests that these will be used as the drawers for our storage.
We start building. Does anyone realize how heavy 2x4's can get when you start screwing 11" and 30" lengths together? What going to happen when we add the side and back boards? This thing is going to be heavy! Well, we've come this far, lets keep going!

Once all is said and done, I give the unit a coating of water proofing/sealer to protect it. Let it dry and air out in the garage for a few days, add some felt protectors too the bottom, install some foamy floor mats, and bring it in the house to load it up!

Have to take a few pictures of the handywork before it gets loaded with toys though!

And now finally, we can reclaim our family room... well somwhat at least!!

Thanks Hunny!!!

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  1. That looks AWESOME!! Way to go James!! Can he build us one *grin*