Saturday, July 11, 2009

Trying out this video thing...

Alright, so after some advice from fellow blogging friends, I think I am ready to try adding videos!! I hope it works out and you can see just how adventurous our little girl is these days!!

We received this tricycle from a person through the freecycle network here in Ottawa. I figured we wouldn't need it for a year or so, but the day after it came home Rebekah saw it in the garage and climbed right on. Daddy would give her a push down the driveway and she would turn onto the grass to stop. She is a big more daring now and won't turn so we have to stop her (and she gets more speed up so now gets to wear the helmet!!)

Ok so I went to upload the video and I can't find it on the computer, so here are a couple pictures of the event until I get the pictures off the camera.

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