Sunday, July 12, 2009

Getting Dressed

Rebekah was up good and early after James and I were both up late last night so we were a bit tired, but we keep on keeping on as we need to.

James went to have his shower and Rebekah decided she wanted to join in the fun, so why not!

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That being said, after she was back into her room she got into her chair and wanted to read her stories before bed!! I had to convince her it wasn't bed time but time to play and get the day started! I guess we have gotten her into a routine that she is quite used to!!

Once I got her into a shirt, she decided that she would put her skort on herself as she is a big girl now you know! She is 16.5 months old and VERY independent!!

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We laugh at her everyday, and I love having these reminders as to why... I mean, how many times have YOU fallen on the floor and rolled around after trying to pull your pants up? Maybe we'd all laugh more if we rolled around on the floor while trying to get dressed!!