Monday, July 20, 2009

Sign Language

You may know that we've been teaching Rebekah sign language since she was about 8 months old. She is able to communicate with us both verbally, and through sign language, and often uses both now. She will often say "more" while signing, as well as saying "done" while signing all done.

Recently I have been able to get a couple pictures of Rebekah signing.

The first is her saying she was all done in her stroller after an early morning walk with Phoebe (yes she is still in her pajamas, but it was the weekend and she saw me before I could sneak outside with Phoebe!! She LOVES going outside no matter what the weather or the clothing she is wearing, so I took her with me!)
This next picture was taken while having a snack on the weekend. We asked her if she wanted to eat, so she told us she wanted to eat!

I still think it is so amazing, especially when she picks up new signs the same day I teach them to her! She is such a smart little girl and amazes us everyday!!

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