Monday, October 26, 2009


I am so very frustrated today.
I am annoyed at companies that have zero customer service.
Let me elaborate.

We purchased a security system through an independant dealer in our area ( We were told at the time by Dean the salesman (who is just that, a salesman - argh) that the system would work fine with our VOIP phone system. They've had people who have used their system with no problems and it would work for us.
A year went by, and we started getting phone calls and letters from the monitoring company (Reliance Protectron) saying they were not receiving any signals, and thus were not monitoring our system.

Techs come by, can't find any problems with the hard ware, but the signal isn't reaching the monitoring station.
There must be something wrong with the phone.
Test that.
Nothing wrong with the phone.

No One knows what is wrong, so no one can fix the problem.

Oh, but you have to keep paying for monitoring for another year and a half. You can cancel the monitoring, but then you have to pay for the next year and a half for a service you aren't getting. Oh yeah, and if you cancel, we want ALL our money NOW.

The dealer (Dean) won't do anything about it.
Reliance will send out a tech - again. Even though last time they couldn't fix it.
No one will refund my money, or at least not charge me for a service i'm not receiving.

I'm not impressed.

Don't use Reliance Protectron or Bee Alarmed Securities.