Friday, October 9, 2009

Apple Picking

Ahh Autumn.

The leaves on the trees begin to change colours, then fall off.

Birds begin to Migrate south for the winter.
And Apples are Ripe for the Picking!

As a child we went Apple Picking every year. My dad still recalls the last time we went together, I was 16, and he got some great pictures of me picking apples at Chudleigh's Apple Farm in Milton, Ontario. Not much has changed there really, except that they are bigger than I remember. Dad and I took Rebekah there last year, but she was a bit too young to get really into it. This year however, she Loved it!!

We spent the majority of our time in the petting zoo, but she did love her first "driving lesson" with daddy, on the old tractors.

You can tell he is loving "coaching" her on how to steer, but she needs no instruction! She makes all the "vroom vroom" sounds herself, and absolutely loved the "Tucks".

I love the concentration on her face!

After playing around on all the "tucks" we headed to the petting zoo. Last year it was super busy, but it was a quieter day this time around, and we could really get up to the fences and feed and pet the animals. The squeals of delight must have been coming from all three of us, we had a blast!

There were cows, sheep, pigs, goats that had climbed up and were resting on different levels of posts (no, we didn't let her feed the cracker to the goats!).

She even had the chance to sit on a pony!

It didn't last long though. She wasn't so sure about this huge animal under her!
So she took to petting it and pointing out his eyes and ears instead!

We did finally get a chance to pick some delicious apples!

Rebekah even tried to turn the "eye to the sky" when picking her apple.

Then tried to be the big helper that she is, and pulled the wagon all by herself!

When we finished picking our bag of apples, we were right beside a play area they have. There are these giant slides that we all decided to try out. We let Rebekah try by herself, and she loved it! I was a bit nervous and had a hard time letting go of her hand, but after we all tried it together, we let her go on her own!

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  1. Looks like fun! Wish we had an apple orchard here, ah well!