Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas... at last!

Alright, so I know I've been a little behind, but the holidays caught up with me, and now I'm finally getting around to organizing my pictures and being able to get some posted! I still have some on the computer that I keep forgetting to put on a jump drive so I can upload them here, but I will get to it!

Christmas Eve found us heading to Mississauga. Not too long into the drive, I was greeted with Silence from both my "children"

Sound Asleep in the Backseat

Once the munchkin woke up, we allowed her to open her Christmas Eve Gift. As kids we were always allowed to choose one gift to open on Christmas Eve. I chose her's this year, mainly for strategic purposes!

A "draw draw" board that erases and she can start over. She LOVES it!

The drive wasn't too painful thanks to the DVD player we borrowed from friends. We ended up receiving one of our own as a Christmas gift (Thank you Dad and Maria!!) and now Little Miss is always asking to watch Elmo in the car. It makes getting her into the car fairly easy as she knows she has to sit in her seat with her belt done up before Elmo will start. She will wave Byyyyyeeeeeee to anyone just so she can get into her seat to watch Elmo!! I think we are going to be sick of Elmo!!

Christmas day proved very exciting for the Little Miss. Once she got into the groove of opening presents, she wanted to open everyones gifts! She would go to the tree, pick up a gift, and ask "Mine?" thankfully, before ripping anything open though!

Being a good little Helper!

She was quite hilarious when opening gifts. She would rip a small piece of the paper off, then hand it over to you with an authoritative "ta-ta". Very funny and time consuming! Present opening lasted a good long time!

Handing over the paper

And of course, once she opened a gift she really liked, she had to play with it Right Then and There! Other gifts would sometimes have to wait until she had played enough with the one just opened!

She actually wore Elmo to open the rest of her gifts!

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